2020 is a Good One, After All!

Is 2020 really that bad? Honestly, I feel that I’ve been unfair to God and how He has sustained me throughout this turbulence year. Yes, it’s been a turbulent; but no, it’s not nearly as bad as I often portray it.

Whenever people ask me how I’m doing I’d come up with an answer that by now has solidified into an almost stock answer. I even get to say more with less words, how I’ve lost so much and how I’ve been living in the midst of endless uncertainties.

God is good, ultimately. And I do mention that. But it struck me recently that God’s provision in my stock answer is more like a lip service, an afterthought, rather than a solid conviction that flourishes out of a lived experience. That is wrong.

Yes, I have lost so much. Yes, my life has taken totally unprecedented turns — and yes, the plural is deliberate. But ultimately, isn’t it all good? I don’t starve; I’m even stressing out how to lose the weight I’ve gained in this season. I can focus on full-time ministry. I have lots of people and numerous support networks around me. I’m never alone.

My stock answer needs revising — or better, I must throw it away and come up with a fresh one. One where God comes first and foremost; one where His faithfulness and provision take the center stage; one where people can witness how amazing God is in my life.

Year 2020 is not what I envisioned it would be. It is for that very reason though, that God’s love for me and His works in my life become even so much clearer than otherwise. Thank You, dear God!