Whose Merit?

Do this, and you will live!
Knowing what to do
We do not

We sin!
No option for the judge
Who’s the spring of all justice
But to condemn us

But thank be to God
Who’s the fountainhead of all love
For He loved us so much
He sent His only begotten Son

Not only to die
A sacrifice for our sins
And bring us back to square one

But also to live
A sacrifice of perfect life
Fulfilling all righteousness

Only in Christ
Faithful love and truth meet as one
Righteousness and peace
No longer two, but one

So before God’s judgment seat
I stand

Relying not on my own deeds
Relying no more on my own merit
Nothing but polluted garment

I stand
A sinner
Covered by merit
Not mine, but Christ’s

A new heaven
A new earth
Life everlasting

No more pain
No more tears
No more death

Beholding God
Face to face

Thank be to God

For the sacrifice of Christ’s blood
Paying all my sins in full
For the sacrifice of Christ’s life
A perfect and sufficient merit for me

Let the verdict be announced