The Reverse of a Miracle

Used to be many different things
For me, at least

A hundred wishes
A dozen celebrations
A number of birthday cakes

For the past 3 years
3 wishes would be the norm
5 is many
A dozen is a miracle

On my birthdays
I’ve lived in cities where I know
2 people
20 people
200 people

It’s not relevant
I still don’t get the wishes
I used to get

This year
I’m getting accustomed to a muted kind of birthday
I’ve been having lately, but still
It hurts
I don’t get offended though

This year
I asked God a miracle
That it’s not another muted birthday
It didn’t happen
I didn’t get the miracle I asked for

But this year
The reverse of a miracle
And it’s as miraculous
As a miracle would be

In a perfectly natural way God shows
That He is there
That He is here!
He remembers
He cares

I’m reminded

That all my ministry
Isn’t a personal investment project
That I should — that I could! —
Expect for a return
On my ‘investment’

That’s it’s perfectly fine
To be forgotten
To phase out
And disappear
Into the background

This ministry — heck, even this life! —
All His!
And He’s opened up paths
Provided the means needed
10,000 miles ahead of me

And He delivered them
His provision
To me
Very tangibly

Let me remember this
And how He shows Himself
As who He is
To me
For me
With me
In me

And that should be more than enough