Loving God in the Waiting

how to love god
in the waiting?

to love is to be positively engaged
but, to wait …?

is a void in between
is a gap to be filled
or ignored
or wasted away
but definitely
not treasured

or is it?

what do people do in the waiting?
looking around
playing games
mindlessly scrolling through their timeline
all just for killing the time

the value of the activity
is in salvaging the time
otherwise wasted
in the waiting

then how to love
in the waiting?

does it make a difference
between loving in the waiting
and waiting while loving?


to love in the waiting
is not just about salvaging the time
it’s about turning this wasteland
into a springboard

a springboard of exploration
a playground for us, lovers
a time in between where no deadline reigns
a space in the darkness where no predefined path imposes its way on us

to play
to abide
to enjoy

without constraints
without expectations
without burden to perform

just to be
with god